Guide of good conduct

Guidelines for smooth classes and a good atmosphere

  • If you address Sharathji, please do so with respect to him and his space. Simply address him with “Namaste Sharathji” an bow your head.
  • Remember Sharathji has thousands of students and always does his best for everyone to have a moment of direct contact with him. Please respect this and make space for everyone as this will otherwise be restricted for everyone!
  • There will be a special day during the workshop for you to say thank you and to do pranam. Sharathji will inform when and how this will happen.
  • Here there will be the opportunity to have a photo taken with Sharathji.
  • According to Indian tradition one does not touch the master or point ones feet towards him while sitting down.
  • Be on time, bring your own mat and what else you may need for your practice.
  • We do not have mats, towels, oil or water for you to borrow.
  • Show you access card every morning at the entrance.
  • Only participants have access to the hall – no visitors.
  • We are going to be in the big hall in the back of DGI-building.
  • It is not allowed to take pictures or make videos during the classes.
  • Take off your shoes before entering the hall.
  • Put you mat on the floor and your belongings on the seats.
  • The assistants are there to help you place your mat and bag if needed.
  • Do not leave you belongings in the changing rooms, but rather on the seats in the hall.
  • Keep the floor free of things not needed for the practice.
  • Full primary in the front rows and part primary further back.
  • Follow Sharathji’s count until your last asana and join again for the backbending and finishing asana.
  • Intermediate series starts immediately after the primary series class – be ready and prepared.
  • Sharathji reserves the right to stop anyone not performing an asana proficiently.
  • Be respectful, if he stops you and asks you to move back in the hall.
  • Listen to Sharathji and follow his rhythm.

Enjoy the workshop 🙂

Namaste Susanna & Jens

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śrī gurubhyo namahaḥ