Guide of good conduct


  • Show respect when addressing Sharathji - just say 'Namasté Sharathji' and slightly bow your head
  • Many want to be in contact with Sharathji - please give space to Sharathji and each other
  • According to Indian tradition don't touch the master and your feet should not point towards him sitting down

Behaviour in and around the hall

  • Be on time, bring your mat and other things you need
  • We don't have mats, towels, water etc. to lend out
  • Take your shoes off before entering the hall
  • Bring and show your entrance card every morning
  • Only participants have access to the hall - no visitors
  • We will be in the big hall in the back of DGI-byen

In the hall

  • No photos or video recordings during the classes
  • Put your mat on the floor and your possessions on the seats
  • Ask the assistants for help if needed
  • Don't leave your possessions in the locker rooms
  • Keep the floor clear of everything not needed for practice

During classes

  • Full primary towards the front and part primary towards the back
  • Follow Sharathjis count until your last asana and join again for backbending and finishing asana
  • Sharathji reserves the right to stop anyone who is not performing an asana proficiently
  • Respect if Sharathji stops you