Prices & Payment

Upon registration you will receive a confirmation by email and you then have to pay the fee immediately into our bank account.
Your spot is secure, when we have received your full payment. You then have to pick up your entry-card Thursday August 10th between 3-7pm at DGI and where you need to show your receipt of payment.
Every morning you will have to show your entry card upon arrival to get access.


Bank transfer to:
Astanga Yoga Copenhagen
Danske Bank 3409 konto 10942535
IBAN: DK3930000010942535

Remember your name or names for multiple enrollments, “Sharath 2023” and also to cover the fee of the transfer for receiver (us)  by adding 50dkk.
Bring your receipt when you pick up your entry card.
In case your bank does not offer overseas transfer then if needed please contact us for the pay-pal account.
This is usually not the cheapest option!

Payment no later than Friday July 21st


Cancellation of participation after Friday July 21st will not be refunded. Cancellation prior to this date will be refunded the received amount, less an administrative fee of 750dkk.

Terms and conditions

By purchase via our website participants accept and accede these terms and conditions as they appear below concerning any agreement with Astanga Yoga Copenhagen via and
Agreement of purchase (køb) follows Danish law’s common rules and cannot be determined final untill Astanga Yoga Copenhagen has confirmed registration and participation and payment has been received.
It is the participant’s own responsibility to ensure that there are no mistakes before conducting the registration.

Astanga Yoga Copenhagen reserves the right to cancel confirmed registrations  against a refund excl. fees and postage.

The participant accepts by registration via, that Astanga Yoga Copenhagen saves and stores personal informations given in connection with the registration.
Personal informations such as name, address, phone no, email etc., will be stored till the event has taken place. This is to ensure the participant an optimal service in case of late changes or cancellation.
It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that Astanga Yoga Copenhagen has the correct contact informations.

It is however the participant’s clear responsibility to stay updated and informed regarding any changes in the events via, and related websites.
Handed-out entry cards are proof of access to the actual event and any copying or other attempts to use the same card in several ways to give more persons access are not allowed. Violation of this will lead to cancellation of the entry card and eviction of all persons who had used or attempted to use the same entry card.

The participant accepts that ID proof such as driving license, passport or similar identification might have to be shown together with the entry card in order to get access to the event as well as receipt of payment at the hand-out of the entry card.

Destroyed, lost or stolen entry cards will not be refunded.
Following the law “Lov om visse forbrugeraftaler § 17 stk. 2 jf. § 9 stk. 2 nr. 2a” purchase of tickes for such events are not covered by the right of cancellation.

Any complaint regarding the actual purchase should be directed to Astanga Yoga Copenhagen.
In any case of illness, force majeure etc. the event will be attempted to be rescheduled with a new date, where already paid registrations here will be valid. Already paid registrations will not be refunded as long as the event can be rescheduled in similar manner at another date.

In case of cancellation of the event the base price will be refunded. Any fees at registration, delivery, payments or use of credit-cards or any costs of postage etc will not be refunded.
Astanga Yoga Copenhagen reserves the right to change the date, timings or place for the completion of the event without this being considered as violation (misligeholdelse) or let alone cancellation of the concerned event.

Astanga Yoga Copenhagen cannot be made liable for any direct or indirect losses as a consequence of events that have been resceduled, changed, only partly or let alone not at all completed.

Agreement of purchase of participation in an event through Astanga Yoga Copenhagen are subject to Danish law and any discrepancy between Astanga Yoga Copenhagen and a paying participant shall be settled by Danish law with jurisdiction in Copenhagen.

In case of any difference in the terms and conditions between the Danish and English versions the Danish version has priority.
December 2018