R. Sharath Jois in Copenhagen 2023

It is with great joy and honour that we can welcome Sharathji to Copenhagen again next Summer.
He will teach a 5 days workshop from Friday 11th till Tuesday 15th of August with a conference Saturday afternoon. 
You can meet Sharathji as a beginner, experienced and advanced practitioner on the classes as he will lead us all through the practice in his both energetic and calm style.

The booking is open and you can order your t-shirt as well!


Sharathji will start his Europa tour in London, and then we will be hosting him in Copenhagen the week after. All cities and dates on Sharthjoistour.eu

Next stop will be a full week in Stockholm, and for the first time Sharathji will after be going to Rome, where Susanna and her team will host him for a 4 days workshop! Information Rome 

Finally he will teach a full week workshop in Madrid the first week of September.

Sharath Jois is the master of Astanga yoga, who we respectfully call Sharathji. He teaches hundreds of students at his center, SYC, in Mysore every year, as they travel from all over the world to come and study with him – and now you can meet him in Copenhagen.
He is the most advanced practitioner of Astanga Yoga in the world with regular practice of all 6 series of āsana.
In 2015 R. Sharath Jois was by the sādhus in the holy city of Uttarkashi, India, bestowed with the title Paramaguru. They in this way expressed their respect for him as the current bearer of the Astanga yoga tradition and lineage holder of teachers, guruparamparā.
We are looking forward to meeting you all again soon.   Yoga is family!

Susanna Finocchi & Jens Bache
Astanga Yoga of Copenhagen

atha yogānuśāsanam

atha yogānuśāsanam