Everyone who are familiar with part of or the full primary series is welcome to the workshop. We start Tuesday 1st of August 7am with a led primary class for all participants.

Sharath will every morning from Tuesday till Sunday teach led primary 7am and in his calm and steady rhythm count us through all vinyasa and asana. You are welcome even if you have not completed the primary series yet. See  the programme

Participating on the led intermediate classes Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8.30am requires that you have been taught at least till Eka Pada Sirsasana by a KPJAYI authorized or certified teacher, see the list. Sharath requests the right to stop anyone not performing an asana sufficiently. You are required to participate all 3 days – no drop-ins.

Contact Susanna if you have questions about the practice.

The Pranayama sessions Thursday, Friday and Saturday are for practitioners of the led intermediate classes.  Sharath will only accept students of the led intermediate classes which he considers ready for these intense sessions. You can sign-up but Sharath will still need to accept you after the led intermediate class Thursday. If you previously have done led intermediate and been given instructions of Pranayama by Sharath please sign up. You will have to participate and pay for all 3 sessions.

All classes will take place in DGI-byen – map.

Please read the advices to the classes under Guidance.

Every Morning you will need to show your entrance card upon arrival to the hall. We don’t re-issue lost cards – keep it safe!

Travelling by bus or train please check out the connections here